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Stand Out

Feb 9, 2022

We've all heard the phrase “Just go with your gut.” But this is often easier said than done. So what exactly is intuition, and how we can make the right decision as entrepreneurs or in our personal life using this subconscious phenomenon? Intuition expert and author of two books, Fail Fast, Succeed Faster, and Gut! What it is. How to trust it. How to use it, Sunil Godse joins us today from London Ontario to break down intuition and how we can begin to tune into it both personally and professionally. Sunil is an entrepreneur who has grown several business ventures that have collectively earned over $20 million in revenues before moving on to become a management consultant helping others find success in their businesses. After realizing that the reason why most businesses fail to create a trusted brand is that they ignore their intuition, he developed a process called Intuitive Branding, which helps businesses leverage the power of intuition and, as the title of his podcast says plainly, "Crush Your Competition In Under 14 Seconds.” As can be seen, by previous clients such as Citibank, SAP, Rogers Wireless, and Western Digital, his advice simply works. Today we cover the four types of intuition (and how each of us has one that is the strongest), why intuitive functioning is like driving a car, and some science behind how our brains and bodies accumulate and communicate this “Gut feeling”. You'll hear some fascinating case studies as well as honest, personal, and tragic reflections on those recognizable moments where we aren't taking our internal signals seriously. With a wealth of information on both personal intuition and corporate intuition, this episode provides key tools and information for literally everyone to better their lives. It's time to listen to your gut and tune in!


Key Points From This Episode:


  • Introducing Sunil and our topic for today: intuition. [00:00:42]
  • Why his book is called Gut! [00:03:29]
  • Talking about how omens can be positive or negative. [00:05:33]
  • A story of how someone found their unique signal telling them something's off. [00:06:21]
  • Why intuitive functioning is like driving a car. [00:06:58]
  • A case study to explain the four types of intuition. [00:07:28]
  • Clare shares a personal experience of taking a long time to listen to her internal signals. [00:15:31]
  • How Sunil got into this area and the science behind it. [00:16:44]
  • Reflections on feeling the pressure of societal norms and expectations. [00:19:09]
  • Sunil shares a tragic story of a time that he didn't follow his intuition. [00:21:04]
  • Defining intuition according to individual belief systems. [00:22:12]
  • Some exact timing on when our intuition kicks in. [00:23:20]
  • How we all have one of the four types of intuition that is stronger than the other three. [00:24:50]
  • How we can tune into intuition and embed it into our daily lives. [00:25:49]
  • Using your intuition when working as an organizer and going into people's homes. [00:27:33]
  • Understanding micro-expressions and some of the training Sunil does. [00:29:12]
  • Talking about how to listen to the signals when it comes to relationships.[00:30:25]
  • Diving into intuitive drivers that relate to our values and our sense of purpose. [00:33:42]
  • How the power of stepping into authentic expression brings huge expansion to your life. [00:35:12]
  • Sunil talks about decluttering your life of people who don't support your joy. [00:35:55]
  • A call to get in contact and let Sunil know what resonated with you! [00:38:00]


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