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Stand Out

Apr 12, 2021

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) is more important than ever following the recent global events that have thrust it into the spotlight, and dedicated employees at all levels are initiating efforts for their companies to be more DEI focused. Today’s guest is Barbara Polk, a DEI thought leader and facilitator with more than 25 years experience in human resources, operations leadership, and board governance. She is Founder and Consultant at Amplify People Advisors, a global C-suite executive with a Fortune 500 company, and holds multiple Board of Director positions. Barbara believes that organizations that proactively put policies in place to create safe and respectful interactions promote environments will improve productivity, engagement, retention, and ultimately financial performance. Tuning in, you’ll hear why DEI must not just be a moral imperative, but a business imperative, how talking about DEI can make you a better leader, colleague, and peer, and how to uncover your unconscious biases, as well as Barbara’a predictions for the future of these important conversations. Tune in today!


Key Points From This Episode:

  • Why paying attention to and taking action on DEI is important to your business. [00:03:13]
  • Barbara explains why these conversations have come into the spotlight now. [00:05:23]
  • The concept of allyship and the importance of making these issues relatable. [00:08:20]
  • Learn how talking about DEI can inform you to be a better leader, peer, colleague. [00:11:51]
  • What diversity and awareness actually mean: you truly see people and have compassion for their experiences. [00:13:48]
  • How to uncover your unconscious biases; take the Harvard Implicit Bias Test. [00:16:13]
  • Barbara explains the real function of biases and why it’s important to self-educate. [00:18:37]
  • Some of the different strategies for addressing the unconscious biases of others. [00:21:04]
  • Why it is important to lean into discomfort sometimes; don’t be driven by fear! [00:24:00]
  • Barbara’s advice for asking someone what they meant by an offensive comment. [00:25:28]
  • Why this is not about being “politically correct”:s it’s about being mindful of what you say if you care and diversity, equity, and inclusion. [00:26:25]
  • Barbara’s predictions for the future of DEI includes years or decades of continuing this conversation. [00:28:03]

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