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Stand Out

Jan 27, 2021

As organizers and productivity professionals, we are uniquely positioned to help our clients prepare for inevitable challenges. But how can we best go about it, and what are some of the key challenges? To better understand this, along with how to help clients prepare for the unexpected, NAPO member and professional organizer, today’s guest is Lisa Witzleben. Lisa spent over 13 years working in logistics and worked alongside the State of Alaska, Division of Homeland Security & Emergency Management as a logistics planner. She holds a Master’s of Science in Global Supply Chain Management and became a solopreneur in 2015, running Unclutter Me to assist clients in leading a simpler life through an intentional process of decluttering then organizing. Listen in as Lisa explains what stops people from preparing for known and unknown risks and what she does to help people face the unknown, create a plan, and act on it, all while providing support and fostering a sense of safety. Lisa also has some key tips for getting your own preparation plans in order, starting with a “go folder”, which she describes in detail. Both business owners and individuals can learn a lot from this episode, so make sure to tune in today!


Key Points From This Episode:

  • Lisa starts by asserting our ability to take control of situations, both known and unknown. [00:03:06]
  • The one thing that stops people from preparing for known risks, says Lisa, is fear. [00:04:42]
  • What business owners can do to help people in positions of fear and overwhelm. [00:08:09]
  • The importance of starting the conversation around support and organization with clients. [00:03:06]
  • Lisa explains why no one necessarily wants to talk about preparedness. [00:10:33]
  • An example of how Lisa uses to start this conversation with her clients, and how she works with them, step-by-step. [00:12:46]
  • Letting her clients know she can help them face the unknown, create a plan, and act on it. [00:14:06]
  • How Lisa creates urgency about acting while also fostering a sense of safety by being direct. [00:18:22]
  • While not specific, Lisa has a rough list of the unknowns that must be prepared for – from minor healthcare issues to natural disasters. [00:21:22]
  • Why holding her clients accountable is another crucial part of the process. [00:24:28]
  • The starting point Lisa suggests is creating a “go folder”, and she explains it in depth. [00:26:39]
  • Digital versus physical, and why Lisa highly recommends having physical copies. [00:28:43]
  • What COOP means, and why business owners should be aware of it in preparing for their own unknowns. [00:31:44]
  • Conversations to have with your employees about these unknowns, large or small. [00:34:23]


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