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Stand Out

Nov 25, 2018

Time is one of those resources that you can’t get back once you use it. Helping our clients with productivity is great, but what about our own productivity? Running a business can feel like running in circles sometimes.

On our 22nd episode of Stand Out: Growing Your Organizing and Productivity Business, host Sarah Karakaian talks with guest Amy Tokos. Amy has a background in Lean Engineering, which she has translated very nicely into helping people lead what she calls “lean living” – which is not a diet plan! It does take into account the preciousness of time in all that we do.

Amy Tokos is the owner of Freshly Organized. Her mission is to help others make their lives more streamlined and organized. Amy’s background is in engineering. Her work focused on making manufacturing processes simpler and more efficient, also known as lean manufacturing.

Her lean thinking maximizes time and space. Because of this background and her passion for time management, Amy helps clients be more strategic instead of reactive. She believes in time blocking. She’s also a fan of focus, not multitasking.

What You Will Learn in this Episode:

  • Aligning your work with your values, lifestyle, and priorities
  • Strategic decision-making around time management
  • The wide variety of resources available to better understand productivity
  • The value of family meetings
  • Understanding your monetary value as an expert, and billing accordingly.
  • Time blocking dos and don’ts – and permission to make exceptions
  • The power of connecting with influencers as word-of-mouth endorsement of your work
  • Learning to say “yes” or “no” based on your priorities and the money or time ROI
  • How to monitor the time you spend on technology