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Stand Out

Sep 21, 2021

As organizing and productivity professionals, communication is intricately tied into every part of our lives, whether we are speaking to clients, creating content online, or presenting and speaking at live events. So the sooner we can improve our communication skills and be the best at delivering our message, the better for everyone! Leveling up in this way will immediately lead to getting more work, and the work being more impactful, so we are very happy to welcome leadership communication expert Hope Timberlake, to share her wisdom on this vital subject! Hope is a speaker, trainer, and author, whose new book, Speak Up, Dammit will be available for purchase in October of 2021. Hope is dedicated to elevating the voices of women and the underrepresented in leadership, and her passion for persuasive messaging, relationship building, and executive presence, is empowering and hugely inspiring! In our chat today, Hope talks about sharing facts not favors, stating the bottom line on top, embracing the pause, and building confidence in your abilities. She runs through many helpful concepts and thought-provoking observations, and listeners can expect to come away with a renewed sense of agency for all of their future communications. So for all that and more, listen in with us today, on Stand Out!


Key Points From This Episode:


  • [00:02:47] The story behind Hope's book title and her main inspiration to write it.
  • [00:05:08] First steps for developing your message to best reach an audience.
  • [00:08:27] Important conversations in today's evolving professional landscape.
  • [00:13:16] Hope's central concept of stating the bottom line on top, always.
  • [00:18:02] Inclusivity and opening up the conversation to a broader range of minds.
  • [00:19:53] Mistakes made with regards to listening; avoiding the fear of silence, and embracing the pause.
  • [00:23:02] The power of ending statements with clarity instead of uncertainty.
  • [00:25:20] Avoiding filler phrases and words, where these come from, and what to do about them.
  • [00:31:46] A powerful exercise to create a stronger connection to pausing and emphasizing.
  • [00:34:14] Hope's call to action for all of our listeners to record and listen to yourself!


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