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Stand Out

Dec 8, 2021

December marks the start of a very important event in NAPO’s calendar: Go Month. Here to tell us more is none other than NAPO president, Amy Tokos. Along with being a certified professional organizer, she is the owner of Freshly Organized and a productivity expert whose work has been featured in major publications. Tune in to hear how Amy stumbled upon NAPO, how it became pivotal to her development, and the story of how she came to be president. We also talk about the amazing opportunities that come with being a product exhibitor at NAPO, why you should join a virtual chapter, and how volunteering can help you to find what works for you. Amy shares why she wishes she had gone to conference sooner, and what she would have done differently when she first got involved, before sharing her tips on getting the most out of conference. Go Month is one of the best ways for newcomers to get involved at NAPO. Tune in to hear what you’ll get out of it, why you should join us, and how to get involved!


Key Points From This Episode:

•    An introduction to today’s guest, NAPO president Amy Tokos. [00:01:23]

•    How she has been participating in NAPO and how she became president. [00:02:32]

•    What listeners can do to become involved in Get Involved Month at NAPO. [00:04:01]

•    What NAPO Point is and how you can find answers to your questions there. [00:07:59]

•    The business-building piece of NAPO that goes beyond organizing. [00:09:43]

•    What the virtual chapter is and the meetups Amy considers to be the best part. [00:11:02]

•    Why being a product exhibitor at NAPO is an amazing opportunity. [00:15:03]

•    How, if you are an introvert, you should find the opportunities that resonate with you. [00:16:48]

•    Amy recommends that you volunteer to learn more about what works for you. [00:18:43]

•    Why Amy wishes she had gone to conference sooner. [00:21:17]

  • Her tips on getting the most out of conference, and choosing a roommate. [00:23:06]
  • How Go Month is one of the best ways for a newcomer to get involved at NAPO. [00:26:04]



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