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Stand Out

Aug 12, 2018

Effortless productivity might sound like a big contradiction. But that’s how our guest, Rachel Henke, has learned to function, and she wants to share the art of effortless productivity, of being present – of living fearlessly.

Rachel Henke is the founder of Living Fearlessly, a best-selling author, Certified Transformative Coach and speaker. Breaking free of the 9-5 job world upon relocating to a sleepy village in the UK, Rachel started her first business in 2003 working from the breakfast bar around her two young daughters.

Rachel shares a transformative understanding of the mind which shows how we’re already fully equipped to be fearless. After 30 years of self-improvement, she has finally found the secret of a happy, productive life.

Combined with her extensive business and transformative coaching expertise, she’s able to guide her clients and readers to be more productive and achieve their dreams and goals without stress.

Rachel is the author of Living Fearlessly and The Living Fearlessly Guide To Productivity.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why working on your mindset is a waste of time
  • How achievement doesn’t need to cause stress and anxiety
  • How achievement is actually hampered by stress and anxiety
  • Why “effortless productivity” is not a contradiction in terms
  • What to do with our racing minds
  • How to unlock more creativity
  • Why ticking off the next thing on our to-do list does not buy happiness
  • Being present actually makes you more productive
  • The difference between thinking about doing something and doing something