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Stand Out

Nov 24, 2021

Today we are so lucky to welcome productivity consultant, Debbie Rosemont, to the show to talk about her journey as a business owner, the important transitions she has made, and why adjusting your company to suit your needs and goals can be one of the most powerful tools for success! In our chat, we get into some thoughts on finding fulfillment, facing fears, dealing with leads, and building the right kind of business. Debbie started her company, Simply Placed, almost 20 years ago, and since then has used specific moments of her life as the compass for deciding the next direction to head in. Our guest has a strong commitment to community, and we also talk a little about referrals and the benefits of a network of like-minded professionals. So to hear all about this inspiring business and its fabulous owner, be sure to join us for another great episode of Stand Out!


Key Points From This Episode:

  • [00:01:42] A little bit about Debbie, her background, and her company Simply Placed.
  • [00:03:32] Clarifying the work that Simply Placed does, and their evolution over time.
  • [00:05:20] The part-time model that inspired Debbie's business and the pivots they have made.
  • [00:07:59] The need to redefine success and realign goals constantly.
  • [00:09:14] Increasing impact and revenue; the important variables for these goals.
  • [00:11:59] How Debbie approaches the idea of fulfillment and its relation to the growth of her business.
  • [00:13:05] Escaping the negative impacts of hustle culture and our conditioning.
  • [00:15:08] The power of saying no and opening up more space through focus.
  • [00:18:02] The lessons and signals that we can use to evolve our business.
  • [00:19:40] How Debbie deals with leads and her approach to referrals.
  • [00:21:35] Debbie's advice for listeners looking to make a shift and wondering where to start.
  • [00:23:30] The constant process of refinement of a business; how excitement translates into success!


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