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Stand Out

Dec 23, 2020

As work-from-home has become the new normal, we’ve replaced in-person talking with online meetings, often resulting in unenergetic presentations and garbled messaging. Today we speak with body language expert Alison Henderson about proven strategies that will improve how you communicate online. After exploring changes to how we communicate, Alison shares her insights into why standing out as an excellent Zoom communicator will be key in business for the foreseeable future. We then chat about what you can do to make virtual meetings feel dynamic and similar to the face-to-face experience. From when you should turn off your camera and how you can convey authenticity, Alison shares her top tips and best practices for online speaking and listening. On the topic of body language, Alison discusses the signals you should look out for before highlighting what women can do to own the online space. You’ll hear Alison’s actionable steps on becoming a better speaker and building trust during online meetings. You’ll also learn about the secrets of the shoulders and simple steps to being a more engaging presence. Virtual meetings present their own challenges. Tune in for more on how you can overcome them.


Key Points From This Episode:

  • Introducing today’s guest, communication and body language expert Alison Henderson.
  • Exploring communication differences in the pandemic and pre-pandemic world.
  • How face-to-face interactions and events are increasingly going virtual.
  • Creating an online space that’s energetic and facilitates communication.
  • Alison shares her top tips for online speaking.
  • Sitting versus standing while communicating online.
  • When you should turn off your camera during a meeting.
  • Insights into how you can be a better and more engaged online listener.
  • The best ways to position yourself to make the most of your body language.
  • How women can own the online communication space.
  • Secrets of the shoulders; how our shoulders can give away our decision-making process.
  • The power of using the word ‘which’ when deciding between options.
  • Why body language should be read in light of many factors.
  • Alison gives listeners actionable steps to become a better online communicator.
  • Advice on when to look into the camera and how to build trust in a meeting.


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