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Stand Out

Mar 9, 2022

The past two years have reshaped the way we communicate with each other, and today we’re going to be tackling the hyper-relevant topic of Zoom Doom! Our principal point of connection these days is through a screen and many of us are simply exhausted by it. The phenomenon of virtual communication isn’t going anywhere anytime soon and joining us today to dissect the causes and provide solutions for the dreaded Zoom fatigue is communication expert, Lauren Sergy. Lauren has recently published a new book, Unmute!: How to Master Virtual Meetings and Reclaim Your Sanity, and today she shares her findings with us, as well as some astute advice for navigating the world through your webcam. In this episode, we delve into how we should be showing up in a virtual space and how to manage our energy so that we can show up for others and maintain connections. We find out how we can use the medium to its full potential, acknowledge its distinctions, and ensure that it is approached with intentionality and inclusivity.

Lauren comments on the emotional nimbleness required to read the virtual room, and gives us a succinct, straightforward answer to the great question of our age: cameras on or cameras off? Tune in for some great tips on how to breed consistency, prioritize your viewer, and generally ensure a painless virtual interaction!  


Key Points From This Episode:


  • What Zoom fatigue is, what causes it, and what to do about it! [00:03:39]
  • The importance of eye-to-eye contact in our culture, and the lack thereof on Zoom. [00:06:39]
  • How to make intentional eye contact easier via virtual communication. [00:08:26]
  • The difficulty for those with introverted temperaments! [00:10:23]
  • The issue of physical orientation when one uses multiple monitors. [00:11:10]
  • How to protect your energy to maintain connection in virtual interactions. [00:12:57]
  • The tendency to be too static in a virtual communication environment. [00:14:33]
  • When to look to camera and when to observe in different contexts. [00:16:20]
  • The value of the virtual communication medium! [00:19:36]
  • The distinct nature of the medium and how to facilitate intentionality and inclusivity. [00:19:59]
  • How we shrink our facial expressions on camera and why we should dial it up. [00:24:37]
  • Why virtual interactions require emotional nimbleness. [00:26:29]
  • Cameras on or cameras off? How to optimize the experience for everyone. [00:27:02]
  • How to accommodate neurodiversity and ensure consistent communication. [00:33:53]
  • The importance of showing up and following in-person etiquette! [00:36:09]



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