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Stand Out

Jan 26, 2022

Here at NAPO we are all incredibly excited because it is nearly time for our upcoming conference. This will be our first in-person conference in three years and it is happening from the 27th to the 30th of April at the Renaissance Baltimore Harborplace Hotel. This will be the second NAPO conference organized by Melynda Weiland, and today she joins us on the show to tell us everything we need to know about it. Melynda is the Owner of Order to Everything, an organization business that NAPO has been an integral part of. In our conversation, Melynda talks about how this year's conference theme “Educate, Elevate, Celebrate”, will play out in the learning paths, networking opportunities, and speaking events in the schedule. We hear more about some of the guest speakers from outside of NAPO that have been invited and the value they will be providing in their talks. Melynda gets into the five learning tracks and how they are geared toward NAPO members at all experience levels. She also speaks about the benefits of in-person gatherings, weighs in on COVID safety precautions, and shares resources for those who have additional questions about the upcoming event. If you are curious about the NAPO community this is a great opportunity to listen in because Melynda is going to give us a sterling understanding of what will be on offer at the conference.


Do you have questions about NAPO 2022 in Baltimore, Maryland?  Please contact our NAPO Conference Program Chair, Ann Zanon via email at or by phone at 203-858-0475.


Key Points From This Episode:


  • Where and when the conference will happen and how to find it online. [00:03:04]
  • The theme for the conference: “Educate, Elevate, Celebrate”! [00:04:29]
  • Celebrating an in-person gathering, member achievements, and more. [00:04:39]
  • Educating ourselves by sharing skills and building a bigger network. [00:05:28]
  • Elevation through a new education track, fresh content, and more. [00:07:08]
  • The five education tracks around organization and productivity with tiers for all skill levels. [00:08:03]
  • Organization Strategies’, ‘Productivity Innovations’, ‘Mind and Behavior’, ‘Entrepreneurial Skills and Mindset’, and ‘Technology for the Future’. [00:08:34]
  • The outside speakers who will attend and what makes them interesting. [00:10:45]
  • Why NAPO chose Crystal Washington to be the keynote speaker. [00:11:36]
  • COVID considerations and how the organizers are making the conference safe. [00:15:13]
  • How people can find out more about the conference and get their questions answered. [00:18:17]
  • Craving authentic connection and why this conference will be special. [00:21:42]
  • Why the Baltimore location will add an extra layer of value to the conference. [00:23:40]
  • How the conference will be especially beneficial to new NAPO members. [00:27:32]



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