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Stand Out

May 11, 2021

When you are self-employed, so much of your business and professional life seem to become intertwined. While many experts offer business advice or self-help, there is very little guidance out there on how to integrate these aspects, and other parts of your life, into a life that you love. Today’s guest is Jeffrey Shaw, speaker, small business coach, and author of The Self-Employed Life: Business and Personal Development Strategies That Create Sustainable Success. He explains that, in business, the only thing you can control is the environment that you set up for the results that you want. He offers a lot of practical advice that integrates business and marketing strategies, with spirituality, gratitude, and personal development. Tuning in, you’ll hear about the self-employed ecosystem, the importance of trusting in something bigger than yourself in business, and the concept of hug marketing. Discover helpful tools like a ‘What’s going right?’ journal, the practice of space switching, and other tips to help you best help people you’re meant to serve. Tune in today for a discussion rich in helpful takeaways!


Key Points From This Episode:

  • Claire explains that what’s been missing is really a lot of guidance as to how to be self-employed and how to create that business and life that you love. [00:01:32]
  • An introduction to Jeffrey Shaw and his history as an entrepreneur. [00:02:07]
  • Jeffery talks about the concept of the ‘self-employed ecosystem’ and the role of trust within it. [00:04:34]
  • The importance of trusting in something bigger than yourself. [00:08:002]
  • Thoughts on not being attached to an outcome. [00:09:10]
  • How to accept the limits of what you can and can’t control in self-employment. [00:12:30]
  • What a ‘What’s going right?’ journal is, and how it can help you. [00:13:17]
  • Why you should acknowledge your efforts and not just your achievements. [00:17:43]
  • Clare and Jeffrey discuss external validation from other people’s perceptions. [00:20:46]
  • What space switching is and how it can fuel your energy and focus during the day. [00:24:03]
  • Jeffrey talks about the concept of hug marketing as an alternative to funnel marketing. [00:30:34]
  • Hear why Jeffrey suggests you “ditch the niche.” [00:27:41]
  • The importance of dropping further into who you are so that the people you’re meant to serve can find you. [00:41:21]
  • Why Jeffrey wrote The Self-Employed Life and the importance of integrating the personal and business aspects of your life when self-employed. [00:43:49].


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