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Stand Out

Mar 9, 2021

Positive psychology is a one that has a positive orientation, with a focus on wellbeing, contentment, excitement, cheerfulness, the pursuit of happiness, and meaning in life. Today’s guest is Jennifer Card, a board member of the Canadian Positive Psychology Association and an Executive Leadership and Wellbeing Coach, who believes that a leader’s greatest asset is their mind. In this episode, she explores why the awareness and integration of a positive psychology mindset will benefit you and your business, and why spending more time on psychological self-care is critical for leaders who face complex challenges. Stay tuned!


Key Points From This Episode:

  • Jennifer shares her definition of positive psychology. [00:02:47]
  • Practical tips to manage your wellbeing at work: cooperators appreciative inquiry. [00:04:56]
  • We talk about boundaries and knowing where your line in the sand is. [00:07:04]
  • Jennifer discusses the best ways for boundary setting; illuminating our blind spots.[00:09:14]
  • The importance of taking that self-reflective moment.[00:09:40]
  • How reframing your activities can impact your energy. [00:11:36]
  • Jennifer shares the difference between mindfulness and mindlessness. [00:12:42]
  • Her guidance for self-reflection practices: gratitude journaling and asset labeling. [00:16:09]
  • How looking for the negative is a protective mechanism in our brains; but we can change it! [00:21:05]
  • Why stress isn’t all bad and why we should learn to divvy up between threatening and non-threatening stress. [00:23:17]
  • Building support and the role it plays in being resilient. [00:24:37]
  • Why remaining curious and staying in a state of humble inquiry is so important. [00:27:57]
  • Reconciling with a good approach to sustain a healthy mindset moving forward. [00:29:00]
  • Jennifer shares the different types of mindsets, including fixed and growth mindsets. [00:29:37]
  • Psychological self-care: taking care of your mind, body, and spirit. [00:32:20]

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