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Stand Out

Jun 8, 2021

Get ready to change your definition of swagger, and to be inspired to do the work to find your own! Our guest today is Leslie Ehm; creative director, training guru, author of Swagger, and an all-round love-filled badass. As you’ll hear in more detail in this episode, finding your swagger is all about stepping into your authentic self and living your truth. Swagger looks different for everyone and leaves no room for judgement. It is a common occurrence for human beings to feel fragmented and experience an inability to be themselves; this is largely due to a few “blockers” which Leslie describes for us. Fortunately, there is a way to overcome these, and Leslie is just the right person to teach us all how. We explore the three main driving forces behind swagger, why you shouldn’t be afraid of asking for a do-over, the value that lies in F bombs, and the importance of knowing when you should apologize and when you absolutely should not. If you’re ready to experience the magic that comes with finding your swagger, this is a great place to start!


Key Points From This Episode:

  • Swagger, as defined by Leslie. [00:03:35]
  • Who Leslie’s swagger icon is, and why. [00:05:24]
  • Where Leslie’s ideas intersect with Todd Herman’s (author of The Alter Ego Effect) and where they diverge. [00:08:14]
  • Fragmentation that many people experience, and how Leslie has learned to overcome this. [00:09:24]
  • Clare explains how she has evolved as an entrepreneur over the years. [00:10:43]
  • Magic that happens when you start speaking your truth and stepping into your authentic self. [00:12:02]
  • Blockers that Leslie has identified which prevent us from fully being ourselves. [00:16:40]
  • Leslie’s motivation for writing [00:18:16]
  • Why Leslie is an advocate for F bombs and other swear words. [00:19:37]
  • The importance of being non-judgmental; everyone has a different kind of swagger. [00:22:10]
  • Situations in which you should apologize and those in which you shouldn’t. [00:23:47]
  • Understanding intention, truth and self-belief (the three drivers of swagger) and an example of how to manifest these in the right way. [00:29:55]
  • Everybody makes mistakes; don’t be afraid of asking for a do-over. [00:34:36]
  • The importance of figuring out if you click with someone before doing business with them. [00:36:18]


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