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Stand Out

Jul 27, 2021

Professionals in our field work with a very diverse range of clients, and for today’s episode, we have brought in Kathleen Crombie, a counseling psychologist who has extensive experience working with neurodiverse populations. This work experience, combined with the fact that Kathleen is a gifted person herself, make her the perfect candidate for giving advice to anyone who works with gifted or highly sensitive people, which she does today in abundance. Kathleen explains the differences between these two groups, as well as the importance of not using these labels as a judgement, but rather as a way of understanding someone who may be different to yourself. Our conversation also covers the joys and challenges of working with gifted or highly sensitive people, and the value in having self-awareness. Being gifted can often be more of a curse than a gift, and it is up to us to meet our clients where they are at, and make them feel as comfortable and accepted as possible.


Key Points From This Episode:


  • An introduction to today’s guest, Kathleen Crombie, and her extensive educational and professional background working with neurodivergent clients. [00:02:12]
  • Common characteristics of highly sensitive people (HSP). [00:05:09]
  • Similarities and differences between HSP’s and gifted people. [00:09:35]
  • Why being gifted can be more of a curse than a gift in certain settings. [00:12:45]
  • How Kathleen discovered that she is gifted. [00:14:03]
  • Kathleen shares more characteristics of gifted people. [00:16:14]
  • The importance of focusing on working with people’s strengths, not just on fixing their deficits. [00:21:08]
  • What it means when someone is referred to as twice exceptional. [00:21:46]
  • Labels should not be a form of judgement, but rather a form of care. [00:22:52]
  • Why Kathleen chooses to disclose her personal struggles to her patients, even though her training discouraged it. [00:25:58]
  • Practical advice from Kathleen for people who are working with gifted or highly sensitive clients. [00:27:12]
  • Claire explains how the Brain in Hand app is useful for gifted and highly sensitive people. [00:32:19]
  • The value in having self-awareness as a professional dealing with other people. [00:34:19]
  • Questions to ask your clients which can help you put yourself in their shoes. [00:34:54]
  • Why Kathleen and Claire will usually meet with clients outside of the cluttered rooms that they are going to work on. [00:39:10]
  • Joys and challenges that Kathleen experiences working with gifted and highly sensitive people. [00:40:56]
  • Never stop learning. [00:46:15]


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