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Stand Out

Aug 10, 2021

Teachers are often under an enormous amount of pressure, and certain things in the classroom get pushed aside. One of these skills is organization. Tiffany Blassingame is the founder of Simple Organization, which looks to help busy adults and their families develop organized solutions for homework and school. As a parent, finding the balance between progressing toward your own goals and stewarding your children to theirs is not an easy task, and this is where Tiffany comes in. She has also been a member of NAPO for over five years and is a founding member of the National Association of Black Professional Organizers. In today's episode, Tiffany talks about the value of teaching students organizational skills. While these may not be innate, they can be cultivated in a supportive way to ensure that  the students’ time at school and in life generally is more enjoyable. We hear about some of the strategies she uses to help students and their families, what sessions with her typically look like, along with what Tiffany finds most rewarding about her work. 


Key Points From This Episode:

  • Why students need additional help when it comes to organizing. [00:03:16]
  • The balance between imparting skills and helping children too much. [00:05:06]
  • Three things Tiffany focuses on when helping students get organized. [00:07:33]
  • How to help students manage their energy. [00:13:57]
  • The link between project management and managing your energy. [00:15:32]
  • Tiffany's approach to talking with families about sleep. [00:16:24]
  • How Tiffany helps families develop an organizational system. [00:19:52]
  • The typical timeline that Tiffany's projects typically last. [00:22:34]
  • What a session with Tiffany would usually look like. [00:24:18]
  • Hear what Tiffany finds most rewarding about her job. [00:25:38]
  • How Tiffany helps students with cognitive challenges through her work. [00:27:15]
  • Student organizers work with students; they do not do things for [00:29:29]


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