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Stand Out

Feb 4, 2021

As we spend more time indoors, our spaces are under more pressure than ever. And while modern parents are more likely to spend time with their kids, we still feel guilty about how well we support our children. Today we speak with organization, productivity, and time management expert Julie Morganstern about how we can overcome our guilt and create homes where parents and children can thrive. We open our conversation by discussing why now is such a critical time for the organization industry. We then dive into Julie’s parenting time management strategies as captured in her book, Time to Parent. After exploring the need for her book, Julie answers the pressing question; how much time and attention do kids need to feel loved? As many parents often neglect self-care, Julie also shares insights on how you can look after yourself. She touches on the power of routine when maintaining relationships and your well-being before unpacking her model for nurturing the self and the family. Throughout this episode, Julie leverages years of research, presenting a clear view on how you can be the best parent and businessperson possible. Tune in for more on making the time to parent.


Key Points From This Episode:

  • Introducing today’s guest, organization and time management expert Julie Morgenstern. [00:00:30]
  • Exploring massive shifts within the organization productivity industry. [00:02:38]
  • Creating structure within homes that weren’t designed to fit pandemic living. [00:05:34]
  • Hear what inspired Julie to write Time to Parent. [00:06:55]
  • Reflecting on how universally felt guilt is among parents. [00:08:26]
  • Why the current generation of parents often neglects self-care. [00:10:27]
  • Answering the question: how much time and attention do kids need to feel loved? [00:13:08]
  • The importance of routine to maintaining connections and mental well-being. [00:17:13]
  • Why you should add short ‘pulses of rest’ to your routine. [00:20:47]
  • How moments of self-care can make you better at your job. [00:24:44]
  • Julie talks about the models she created for caring for yourself and your children. [00:26:56]
  • Why relating is such a crucial step in all relationships. [00:32:43]


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