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Stand Out

May 6, 2018

Online video expert Brighton West has honed his skills not just in video production, but in the best ways to leverage various online video platforms and formats.

Brighton started out behind the camera, making narrative and documentary videos. He soon learned that being on camera was more influential, beneficial and profitable than being behind it. So he overcame his on camera jitters and now helps his clients turn the camera on themselves. Brighton has built his business by creating YouTube tutorials about using YouTube in business. Through his channel, he's positioned himself as the expert for coaches, authors and speakers who want to grow their global audience with YouTube.

Brighton works with clients around the world, handling the technical and strategic side of online video and teaching them to record their own. His team then edits, uploads and optimizes the videos, then gets them ready for promotion, to position the coach as an expert in their niche.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why video should be a key part of your marketing strategy
  • How to step out from behind the camera – and shine in front of the camera
  • Playing the long game with video content, rather than looking for overnight results
  • How to capitalize on Youtube as a major search engine
  • Working with live video on Facebook – and getting more exposure than a recorded and uploaded video
  • Different video strategies for different platforms, like using LinkedIn native video (recorded right on LinkedIn) for better exposure than uploading from Youtube
  • How to give away content to build relationship, and consolidate/add value to create content for sale
  • Finding success through video content by attracting clients who are eager to work with you
  • How, with only $75 worth of gear, you’ll be set for a solid start in video production
  • Smart ways to leverage advertising to build your audience