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Stand Out

Feb 25, 2018

Theresa Condict is a marketing professional and account manager at Idea Agency. She has proven success in building brand recognition and customer engagement through her knowledge of best practices in web development, SEO, digital advertising, email strategy, there it is, and database design.

Her work for Idea Agency includes development of strategic marketing plans, creating and managing annual marketing budgets, creating trafficking and product management as well as results-oriented digital strategy and implementation. Theresa is a graduate of McGill University and is pursuing her MBA in Business Data Analytics from Quinnipiac University. If that were not enough, Theresa is also a competitive race car driver.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Organizing your email marketing strategy
  • Getting the most from your email marketing analytics
  • Tracking results for increasingly efficient budgeting
  • Using the data from email services like Mail Chimp and Constant Contact
  • Understanding open rates vs. click rates
  • Growing your list while purging inactive subscribers
  • Comparing email benchmarks by industry – click rates and other metrics vary by industry
  • Recommended platforms for smaller scale and more advanced analytics
  • Why organic and inbound growth is more effective than buying a list
  • Effective use of calls to action and landing pages
  • Offering something of value – ebook, newsletter, discount, etc.
  • Understanding bounce rates, hard bounce and soft bounce
  • Tips on creating a great subject line