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Stand Out

Mar 23, 2021

Many of us in the professional organizing community have had to think about alternative income streams as we can no longer go into people’s homes or visit corporate clients. Leveraging virtual operations is a great way to boost your revenue, and in today’s episode, we will be talking about webinars. Our guest, Leslie Josel, is an ADHD-student and parenting coach and an award-winning entrepreneur, having founded Order Out of Chaos, an organization whose mission is to help parents guide their children to success in learning and life. She is also an award-winning author, creator of the renowned Academic Planner: A Tool for Time Management, and an internationally-acclaimed speaker. In this show, Leslie walks us through how she built her prolific webinar business, which she started six years ago. We dive right in, hearing about the small steps she took to start. Leslie highlights the importance of being generous with your content, having an abundance mentality, and giving things away for free. Rather than using a sales funnel approach, Leslie is upfront and transparent about the costs her clients will incur. She talks about why she has chosen to operate her business in this way rather than continually trying to upsell. From there, we learn how she builds her community and why she always asks them questions. As we wrap up, we talk about the power of affiliates, why webinars offer more wiggle room than courses, and the power of generosity. Leslie has built her business with integrity and a spirit of giving, and we know you will learn as much from her as we did!


Key Points From This Episode:

  • Hear more about Leslie’s business and her decision to go virtual six years ago. [00:03:06]
  • The value of starting small; Leslie’s first webinar only had five people! [00:03:53]
  • How Leslie used her webinars alongside building her email list. [00:05:09]
  • Why Leslie recommends doing your first webinars for free. [00:06:16]
  • While it was not Leslie’s intention to build a webinar empire, she quickly saw the power of it. [00:07:31]
  • The role of consistency when producing webinars and how often Leslie does them. [00:08:25]
  • How Leslie’s ‘anti-funnel’ strategy differs from others in the space. [00:09:53]
  • Why Leslie does free webinars in August and March each year. [00:11:11]
  • The platform Leslie runs her webinars on and the level of interactivity she maintains. [00:12:58]
  • The value in asking your community questions. [00:14:10]
  • Why it is helpful to bring guest experts into your webinars, especially as you grow. [00:14:50]
  • Insights into Leslie’s Facebook group and what she does to nurture it. [00:15:51]
  • How having a video component for all content has helped Leslie bring in customers. [00:17:46]
  • Why Leslie decided to have people watch recorded webinars through her site only. [00:19:52]
  • Don't be afraid to launch an affiliate program and announce it to NAPO members. [00:21:59]
  • You can repurpose content you’ve already produced to generate multiple streams of income. [00:23:45]
  • The role that Leslie’s team has played in getting her to where she is today. [00:25:08]
  • How the academic planners tipped the scale of Leslie’s business. [00:26:29]
  • The flexibility that comes with doing webinars rather than courses. [00:27:39]
  • Why it is important to cap webinar attendance. [00:30:08]
  • How Leslie and her team approach planning. [00:30:56]
  • You have to know your community and what they want from you. [00:34:23]


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