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Stand Out

Feb 22, 2021

Ever feel like you can't keep up? As a solo-business owner, certified business and life coach, and single mom of two teen boys, NAPO member Carol Williams understands the feeling of being pulled in many directions. Through her coaching, she helps business owners with ADHD become more productive and profitable so that they may live playfully and powerfully, both in business and in life. In this episode, Carol shares a bit about her journey into coaching, including how to decide which coaching program to adopt and why. You’ll also hear about Carol's methods when it comes to co-creating with her clients, listening to what is not being said, and living into the possibilities that are already there, as well as some of her tips for getting started when you don’t know where to start and the value of free services and networking. Tune in today!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Carol shares a bit about her background and her journey into coaching. [00:02:50]
  • The process of letting go, once she stepped fully into becoming a coach. [00:05:26]
  • How to decide where to study and which coaching program to adopt. [00:07:45]
  • Why, when her life was shaken up, Carol didn’t default to the tried and true path. [00:08:45]
  • Find out why Carol became a certified coach in the first place. [00:11:04]
  • Having a mentor versus a coach and Carol’s experience of having both. [00:13:37]
  • Carol and Clare discuss the concept of co-creating solutions with their clients. [00:15:31]
  • Carol’s definition of good coaching: learning to listen to what is not being said. [00:17:20]
  • Hear about Carol’s belief that the essence of coaching, regardless of its purpose, is a process of un-peeling. [00:18:12]
  • Why Carol says her job is about living into the possibilities that are always there. [00:19:47]
  • What about Carol’s process works and some of her tips for getting started. [00:24:47]
  • From borrowing an audience to serving and nurturing them: advice for getting started when you don’t know where to start. [00:28:53]
  • Her Wisdom Warriors Group is an opportunity for people to sample her services. [00:31:54]
  • How networking and speaking have helped Carol attract her ideal clients. [00:34:43]


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